ZAC Meat

Brand Meets Butcher with Delicious Results

ZAC Meat

When Commonwealth Capital acquired ZAC Meat, a careful brand “facelift” was near the top of its to-do list.

ZAC has been a well-established and respected brand within Singapore’s Muslim community for decades. Spinnaker was tasked with a refresh that had to walk a fine line between maintaining established brand recognition and rejuvenating to attract new customers.

Spinnaker responded by refreshing ZAC into a much more modern brand, with a similar-but-streamlined logo, fresh visuals and interior design for two new outlets.

Natural tones replaced a overly dominant bright green colour scheme. Fun, oversized graphics welcomed customers and grabbed attention in-store. And materials such as stainless steel and rough-sawn wood were incorporated to create a much more contemporary feel for ZAC.