Tea Avenue

Successful CPG company Food Empire Holdings wanted to venture into the café category and sought out a consultancy that could offer the expertise needed to launch an F&B concept in Sri Lanka. Spinnaker360 was appointed and together with the working team at Food Empire, developed Tea Avenue, a nostalgic tea experience for all ages.

The café’s primary offering is Empire Teas, a family run Sri-Lankan tea business that has seen 4 generations from the De Silva family toil on the lush green plantations in Colombo.

The brief was simple – develop a nostalgic cosy enclave that both young and old can convivially gather for a warm cup of tea and food. It should be a place that people will want to linger.

Beginning with a market landscape survey in Sri Lanka, the Spinnaker360 team worked closely with the client to craft out a logo identity that spoke volumes of what the business was about. It had to hint at its heritage while ensuring that it’s modern enough to appeal to the younger crowd.

Drawing from the rich experience and history from the 4 generations of De Silva family, Spinnaker360 designed Tea Avenue to be a highly experiential venue that conveys the sentimentality of yester years.

Our concept laid on a foundation of old world, new charm – Old world values, new world allure. In summary, Tea Avenue is nostalgia repackaged for the modern day man who wants that little bit more out of the everyday.

The space was purposefully designed with private areas perfect for busy urbanites looking for a space to unwind. The tea counter was embellished with beaded dark wood paneling reminiscent of the Art Deco area. Some corners were selectively picked and decked out with old photos to showcase the rich heritage of the tea business.

The end product was a soulful nostalgia-rich experience with the convenience of well-crafted tea offerings and comforting food.