Swissbake Interior & Environmental

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Swissbake Interior & Environmental

Swissbake first opened its doors in 2003, under the leadership of acclaimed Swiss pastry chef Xavier Baumgartner. His vision was to offer authentic European baked goods, produced with exacting Swiss standards. In 2012, entered a period of reorganisation and rebranding.

Spinnaker360 was engaged to develop and augment the Swissbake brand to allow for franchising and rapid rollout in various territories. The project began with a discovery phase involving market research of the brand led by our Consumer Insights team who developed the program for qualitative and quantitative surveys, focus groups, and visual testing. Culminating in the synthesis of the analysis into insights which will guide the strategy and design teams for the next phases of the project.

Apart from strategy and communication design work, Spinnaker360 also developed Swissbake’s interior and architectural requirements in various retail environments and applications. Working alongside the culinary and operations team, Spinnaker360’s user-centric approach allowed Swissbake to refresh it’s retail spaces aesthetically as well as marry the optimisation of its retail space with a transformed customer experience.


A major part of the project involved the modularisation of Swissbake’s point of purchase systems as well visual merchandising. Spinnaker’s experience in developing franchise system furnishings and fixtures meant that all designs for the new retail merchandising system was designed with flexibility, and interchangeability in mind.

This consideration allows the client to mass fabricate, lower cost per unit, ensure brand consistency, and allow for rapid rollouts for overseas franchisees.