Reinventing Cucina Nostrana


Shedding it’s former formal front for a wholly Italian ad contemporary dining experience was at the heart of Spinnaker360’s work with Ricciotti, Singapore.

Owned by 2 resident Italians Ottavio Gori and celebrated chef Roberto Galetti (of the Garibaldi Group), Ricciotti approached Spinnaker360 to reinvent the restaurant and ready it for franchise operations.

The scope of work included an identity and trademark refresh, concept and service design, together with introducing the new interior look and collaterals. Spinnaker360’s expertise in menu development, kitchen and operational design as well as branding meant that Ricciotti leveraged on the full multidisciplinary compenteces of the agency.

From the very start, there was an emphasis on bringing to Singaporean’s the very best of Italian cuisine without the usual traditional playbook. This led to the concept of “cucina nostrana” (homestyle cooking) married with a metropolitan slant and styling. The menu together with the presentation of the dishes and interiors were concurrently designed, in consultation with chefs, and management in the 7 month project. At the end, the complete array of branding collaterals, digital media and space was delivered and implemented.