Proving that compact and efficient design doesn't have to sacrifice style.


The Piccolo quick-service-restaurant (QSR) concept was created by Spinnaker to prove that even small, hyper-efficient outlets can have a huge amount of style.

The premise was to create a new sit-down Italian concept that could thrive in Singapore’s challenging F&B sector. To save on costs, it was designed to operate with a minimum number of staff and within a small footprint—less than 1000 sq ft!

This efficiency could not sacrifice style. The outlet had to appeal to the Millennial generation with its tastes for quirky and unique experiences. Spinnaker conducted thorough consumer research to determine how best to appeal to the young market.

The result of this exercise is a gorgeous outlet with a eclectic mixture of furnishings, textures and decor elements giving the perception of extra depth. Individual and large family-style portions are ordered from the cashier. Dishes are collected from the interactive open kitchen and taken to communal tables with unique adjustable seating options.