Strengthening the Brand and Developing Franchise Modules


When Brotzeit opened it’s first restaurant and bar at VivoCity Singapore in 2005, it ushered into the F&B landscape a unique concept: A blend of an authentic German “biergarten” within a chic environ of a contemporary German restaurant. Four years into operations, the owners looked to bring this winning formula to the rest of the world through franchising. To facilitate this initiative, Spinnaker360 was engaged to strengthen the branding, develop the franchise modules and the necessary documentation and infrastructure and assets. Perhaps the most important work that we embarked on at the start was to design a new trademark device that would allow stronger brand recall and trademark protection. This led to Brotzeit strengthen it’s identity and IP protection when filed in the various territories.

Subsequently, Spinnaker360 worked with Brotzeit’s management and franchise managers to articulate the brand, it’s personality, and ethos. This culminated into a series of manuals which would form the Franchise Manuals. To communicate the essence of the brand across to the new stakeholders and custodians of the brand, Spinnaker360 a truly robust program which eventually won Brotzeit the Best Franchisor Of The Year Award 2011.

One aspect of the Franchise program that was led and implemented by Spinnaker360 was the Brotzeit Resource Centre and Web Management Strategy. To facilitate command and control of Brotzeit digital IP and assets, as well as manage all franchisee “child-websites”, Spinnaker coded a CMS and ERP solution that allowed one marketing staff to single-handedly manage up to 9 franchisees (and counting).

Designed on the principles of privilege-access, and user-friendliness, it also enabled the franchisor to scale up it’s franchise system and support infrastructure.