Taking an Established Brand in Exciting New Directions


Spinnaker was Ademco’s choice to unify and strengthen its brand and improve how it is expressed across the organisation.

In light of the brand’s growing significance as a major provider of security services across Asia, the exercise was designed to put Ademco’s best foot forward in a competitive marketplace.

Spinnaker began work on the project by consulting closely with staff at Ademco to draw out the company’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and brand values. Established in Singapore since the 1970s, these values were already well ingrained but never meaningfully documented or consistently applied. 

With the USPs and core values in sharp focus, the next task was creating a strong brand positioning statement, credible brand promise and powerful brand essence.

Having defined the brand, Spinnaker created a Corporate Identity Manual as well as a Brand Manual to guide Ademco’s marketing and communication efforts. These provided guidelines for a wide variety of applications, from simple name cards to the design of new products such as life-saving aerial drones.